Friday, October 2, 2015

Is God Anti-Gay? Sermon Notes

Is God Anti-Gay?

A question that many ask: those who are gay, those who are non-believers, and those who are believers. We all need to be reminded of the answer to this question.

These are simply notes I had taken from the sermon "Is God Anti-Gay?" The sermon was presented to The Village Church in Denton, Texas by Sam Allbury. Sam Allbury is a Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction and wants to address this issue. 

  • What the bible says about homosexuality doesn’t represent everything God has to say to homosexuals.

  • The bible clearly prohibits homosexual activity… but equally also prohibits all sexual acts outside of marriage. 

  • This prohibition is not the whole message of Christianity, nor the 1st thing we need to say about it. 

  • The Bible is not about homosexuality, but it is related to what the Bible is about. It begins and it ends with a marriage.... and it's why the way God designed marriage to look like matters to us, as believers:

    • First Marriage: Adam and Eve = trailer to the final marriage.
      • Human marriage (sign post God has given us to point us to #2)
    • Second Marriage: Jesus and his church = winning a people for himself.

  • Mark 1:15 – Everything that God has planned to do with humanity is at hand because Jesus has come. He did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. He showed the law in different ways.

  • To "repent" means to truly turn around, make a 180 / U-turn in your mind/actions.

  • All of us are attracted to things we shouldn’t be.... all of us are broken sexually.... none of us are straight (but instead, skewed/broken).... none of us are lined up with how God designed us to be.... and all of us need to repent and follow Jesus.

  • The Gospel/Good News: Jesus came to make us new, to give us new life, to allow ourselves to be clean and have a relationship with God.

  • Jesus is upfront about what it will cost to follow him. Following Jesus will involve hard/difficult change and cost, but it will be a blessing and will be worth it. Jesus promises anything we give up for His sake, He will return in a hundredfold.

  • Matthew 15: 19-20: what makes us dirty in Gods sight comes from within ourselves, in our hearts and mind.

  • Greek ‘pornea’: any sexual activity outside of marriage is prohibited (adultery, premarital sex, homosexual sex, prostitution, etc)

  • But our sexual brokenness isn’t the only thing that makes us unclean. Homosexuality is just one expression of brokenness, but not the only expression of it.

  • Matthew 19: 3-6, 10-12: The issue isn’t the strength of the feelings/love of the relationship, but the kinds of union that results. Only man and woman can become “one flesh.” Celibacy/eunuchs is the alternative to marriage between man and woman. It’s costly to follow Jesus. Nobody gets everything they want sexually.

  • Mark 8:34: Deny yourself = say no to yourself, give your identity/value/who you think you are to Jesus, the Lord of everything. Take up your cross: you have no rights, you may be mistreated or go thru struggles along the way, just as Jesus did taking his cross to the crucifixion.

  • Your sexual feelings are not who you are / your identity. 

  • If the “gospel” has fit neatly into your life without any disturbance or interference/struggle, it may not be the gospel of Jesus Christ that you’ve received.

  • Why would anyone follow Jesus? What could be worth giving up _____ for (besides Heaven)?
    • The gospel is a blessing, even with all the costs and trials.
    • Mark 10: 28-30: Jesus assumes we will have to leave behind a lot (including relationships) to follow Him… but responds with “you will receive a hundredfold.” Whatever you give up for his sake, you will receive far more from him than you ever leave behind for him. “Relational jackpot.”

  • God’s household is the church, the church is your family. The Christian church should be a place of community, where our true family is, even if you have left your family behind, you should always have family at the church. We receive new community and identity in Jesus. The church must walk in community and love when engaging homosexuals or all broken people.

  • Church should feel like the waiting room for a doctor, rather than the waiting room for a job interview.
    • Doctor: 
      • You’re there because something is wrong with you, looking to get better, don’t mind what you look like because everyone else there is also there for the same reason
    • Job Interview: 
      • You have no weaknesses, you look your absolute best, nothing wrong with you, put on a mask that youre an awesome person.

  • God created them, male and female (body), he doesn’t say he created them opposite sex attracted. Sexual feelings are not your identity. Sexual feelings are not eternal. You weren’t born with them and when you raise from the dead/born again, you will not have sexual desires. They are temporary and can shift/be unstable.

  • Our culture says “you are your sexual desires” and must fulfill them. But sex is not the key to human fulfillment. You are not bound to them and it is not your identity.

  • John 6:35: Relationship with Jesus – he is the only one that can satisfy us at the deepest level. No earthly relationship can do that or make us whole/complete. If you do rely on an earthly relationship to fulfill you, it puts a burden on that person that they were never meant to bear.

  • If you are claiming to be a Christian, you are claiming that Jesus is the Lord of your life. So does Jesus have the right to tell you that would be the wrong thing to do, or ask you to stop doing something? If not, then Jesus isn’t really the lord of your life.