Tuesday, January 28, 2014

100+ Prayer List - Things To Pray About

Do you sometimes have a difficult time trying to think of things to pray about?

Especially when we're not in a crisis or going through a difficult time, coming up with things to pray about can seem harder to do than it actually is. 

For example (true story): One of my friends went on a mission trip to Europe and every Saturday, each member of the group had to be alone for 5 hours...praying the WHOLE time. They also had to write down the topics they prayed about. At first, everyone was thinking "5 hours?! I'm going to run out of things to pray about! There's no way..." But they came to realize that not only were they ABLE to think of enough things to pray about within the 5 hour time frame, but also there was SO much more to pray about after that 5 hours. My friend said it was an amazing experience to be "forced" to pray for that long. She said you could probably even pray for 24 hours non-stop if you really tried.


Prayer isn't just when you, or someone you know, needs something. Prayer consists of repentance, asking for guidance, asking for help, praying for others, PRAISING God for who He is, and even THANKING Him for all He has done/given to you and others. Never forget to thank God for all His blessings (big or small) throughout your life.

1 Thessalonians  5:16-18 
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; 
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Philippians 4:6-7
 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

When praying, you can either:
  1. Look at the list of things I provided below, or
  2. Do this exercise to help you come up with ideas on your own:
    • Carry a mini journal with you in your pocket or purse. 
    • Every time you hear about an issue or concern that someone has, jot it down.
    • Every time you think about an issue, concern, stress, question, or difficult decision, jot it down.
    • Every time you have a praise or hear something good that is happening, jot it down.
    • Every time you see something good or bad on the news, on a Facebook status, or other source, jot it down and pray for that person and that situation.
    • Every time someone you don't like does something to irritate or stress you out, jot it down and pray for that person. You never know what personal things they are going through that are making them that way towards you and others. 
    • Every time someone wrongs you or betrays you, pray for that person and forgive them. God can not forgive those who are not forgiving to others.
    • Every time you think of something to pray about for you, your coworkers, family, friends, classmates, or other loved ones, jot it down. 

100+ Things To Pray About:

  • Our president: safety, health, wise decisions, leadership, loyalty and faithfulness to our country, succeeding in doing the things he said he would do, fulfilling God's purpose for him and our country
  • Our government: morality, funds, leadership, wise decisions, protection, bill and law decisions


  • Third world countries: unlcean water, poverty, shelter, AIDS, illness and disease, death rates, crime, Christian influence
  • War: between countries, states, civil groups, race, religion, economic status, government/authorities, corruption, money, etc.


  • Missionaries around the world: safety, health, fulfilling God's Will, martyrs 
  • Sharing the gospel in our communities to the lost: sharing our faith with coworkers, friends, classmates, family, neighbors, homeless, needy, etc.
  • Living out faith in our communities: involvement and contribution to charity or organization that helps people, using gifts to share faith and make a difference
  • Involvement with our church: close relationships with other members, accountability partners, counsel, commitment, serving in needed area, using gifts to serve in an area
  • Other religions around the world: missionaries that reach out to these groups
  • Other religions in our community: build relationships and be a good example of Christ's love/make a difference in their lives in some way, their mind and heart to be opened or effected in a positive way that may lead them to Christ, not trying to convert them directly which may push them further away
  • Personal life: sins, be a good example of Christ, live your life in a way that pleases and glorifies God, watch what you say and do as those who are unbelievers will be watching you with an eagle eye and your actions/words can effect the way they see Christ or being a Christian, profess the gospel of Jesus Christ to coworkers/friends/family/etc.


  • Teachers/staff: guidance to teach students effectively, patience with difficult children, fairness, respect to students, respect from students, genuine care for students, ability to teach in different methods according to student's learning capabilities
  • Students: learning efforts, to see the value and privilege of education, effective studies, work ethic, friends, bullying, drama, fears, influences, discrimination, prejudice, low-income school environments, expectations, goals 


  • America: debt, economy, inflation, recession, gas prices, poverty, low-income households, job economy, jobless parents, homelessness, government spending, stock market
  • Personal: debt, wise spending habits, saving, retirement, tithing, generous giving, value of money, ethical decisions, frugal/simple living, idolatry over money, investments, children's future, education, bills, needs vs. wants
  • Church: sending programs, tithing, missionaries, plant churches, mission work/trips, ministries, outreach events, donations, volunteer work, helping those in need, members would be generous in giving time and monetary efforts


  • America: cities with high crime rates, crime in your hometown, safety of home, safety of family and friends, Safety of self, safety while commuting on roads, safety at work


  • Safety, health and wellness: self, while commuting on roads, home, family and friends
  • Work: job security, co-workers, boss, performance, impact, struggles, stress, fears
  • Relationships and friendships
  • Sins, insecurities, sins, weaknesses, struggles, fears, anger or bitterness towards a person or thing, 
  • Past events, upcoming events, future plans

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