Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Science VERSUS Religion?

Why do people compare science over religion, as if it clashed with one another? Is it really science VERSUS religion? 

What about science HELPING prove religion? 

Science helps PROVE the existence of God by discovering and explaining the complexity (and incredible intelligence) behind every organism and matter on Earth. Through every object, element, or living thing on this planet or in space, science helps us to understand the creations of God and how magnificent His power truly is.

How can you doubt the existence of God? Here's my point:

Example 1: When people question the creation of the universe and earth by God in “7 Days,” their minds are proving the ignorance and limitations of the human brain compared to God's mind -- we can be so ignorant and narrow sighted. HUMANS can not think in the way that GOD thinks, because WE ARE NOT GOD. In fact, we would be terrible gods if given the opportunity. (Isaiah 55:8-9: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.") I believe humans are not meant to know every single thing about God, and will not know until we are revealed everything when we die and meet God face to face. 

But even though the Bible does not go into full detail of God’s creation (due to His decreed will), there is also a so-called "theory" into this commonly questioned and criticized belief. The Bible does say that time is in God's hands, and time is "like a passing wind" -- a.k.a. THOUSANDS of years could seem like ONE DAY to Him (which makes sense, considering that when you live in eternity, one day would pass quicker than the blink of an eye). With this in mind, what if God DID make the universe in only 7 days? Scientists show that there are proven articles of matter, rocks, and so forth that are most definitely hundreds of thousands, even millions, of years old.

That which is true... but considering the way God views time, think about this:

According to Genesis 1, God could have created the universe and galaxies, the Heavens and the Earth in "Day 1." Millions of years later (on "Day 2"), God created “sky, light and darkness.” Many years later, on Day 3....etc. (the pattern continues until he reaches Day 7). Day 5 is when God created birds and sea creatures, known to be the oldest living creatures (extinct or not) that ever lived on this earth. Then many years later came land animals and humans. That would be 7 Days TOTAL of His creation -- and remember, that's 7 Days according to GOD'S TIMING. 

Example 2: People also like to argue exactly HOW the universe was created (as if they were the most intelligent being on this earth to begin with), and many refer creation to the Big Bang Theory. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense --- how could every complex and intelligent being on this earth possibly be created from an explosion? BUT then again, just because it sounds ridiculous to my limited human mind, I'm not ruling it out completely....

What if God DID create the universe using that method? (But not as "an accident," as many scientists believe the creation of the universe was). God is full of scientific knowledge (I mean.. He created it, and created humans -- in His image -- and gave us brain power to learn about His intelligence, a little at a time). As mentioned in the website reference below, God gave humans and scientists the brain power and intelligent capabilities to help discover His creations and magnificent power (a little at a time), so that they may tell the world about their findings -- hence, helping to bring us closer to God. 

Since many scientists have come up with theories (believable or not) of how Earth and the universe was created, discovered ancient and extinct organisms and particles, and even discovered new species and mechanisms of the sea and universe, science should be viewed as an attempt to prove the existence of God, not go against it. 

We need science to help us realize that there is SO MUCH MORE out there that we don't know about yet, will never know, or will never begin to understand. The complexity of every living thing of this Earth, and every discovery about the universe itself proves that it could not have happened on accident. It requires a higher intelligence and deity to create such things.  

This is something i think all Christians and non-Christians should think about. Pass this on (including the website) to any of your friends!

Go to this Website: Seven Days of Creation (he has some really good insight on this!)

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