Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love Letter to God.

Most of us either enjoy receiving love letters 
or have personally given a few love letters 
to those we truly care about.

But have you given a love letter to God, recently?
Have you told him how much you love him?
God has many love letters to you written all throughout the Bible 
and they are always available for you to read, 24/7/365.
Every word in His love letter to you will always remain 
true and faithful. Just open the Bible and see for yourself.

If you aren't sure what to say to God, think about these words and really meditate on them. When you are ready, say them to God...but say them truly from your heart. 

If you are single, lonely, feeling depressed, neglected or forgotten, this should be your daily prayer to God. This love letter to God will be a very important reminder to those who are feeling hurt, unloved, or worried about marriage and their future.

Love Letter to God


Heavenly Father….

Creator of the universe and of my life….

You are GOD….

You are so perfect.
You are the perfect one for me.
You are perfect towards me.
You are the only one I truly need.

Why should I stress and worry about when or who I will marry one day?
Why do I depend so much on those I love on this earth and put the key to my happiness in their pocket?
Why do they hurt me so much with the smallest of things?
Why do I put my whole heart, effort and time into them,
knowing they will fail me as imperfect humans do?


I have been told this many times, but I now truly realize that your love has never, ever failed me.
It never has and it never will.
You are the only one that loves me unconditionally, consistently, and perfectly.
You are the only one that I can put my complete trust and faith in,
and know you will always be true to your Word.
You are the only one that can truly protect me, comfort me, heal me, and love me,
without failing.

You always listen to me and never get side-tracked.
You never forget what I tell you.
You truly enjoy hearing me talk to you and desire an intimate relationship with me.
You are always doing things that you know are best for my sake.
You have a wonderful plan for me and are always protecting me.
Even through pain, I know you will always bring something good and joyful out of it.

You want to spend eternity with me.
You want to be involved in every part of my life.
You are passionate about me and deeply in love with me.
You have never let me go.
You don’t need me, but you want me.
You love me just the way I am.
You call me beautiful and wonderfully made.
You designed me this way for a reason.

You are always there for me when I need you and even when I think I don’t need you,
you are there for me anyway.
Even when I reject you, ignore you, fail you, sin against you, rebel against you, get angry at you, and don’t talk to you for days,
you are always there with open arms to forgive me completely as soon as I ask.
No matter what bad things I have done in the past, in the present,
and even knowing all the bad things I will do in the future,
you love me and forgive me anyway.
You sacrificed the greatest gift anyone could give in order to save me
and so I could be forgiven and be with you for eternity when I accepted your gift.
No gifts, things, actions, or words can repay you for what you have done for me.

You sacrificed so much for me, even when I didn’t sacrifice very much for you.
Even when I didn’t deserve that kind of love, you gave it to me.
And I don’t deserve the love you freely offer.
But I thank you for loving me unconditionally.

How could I ever put ANYONE or ANYTHING above you, God?
How could I allow myself to love other people, things, or ideas more than you?

It is proved that you are the most perfect person, my soul mate, the only one I need.
You are more than enough.
You are more than I could ever ask for.
I am so lucky to know and love you.
You know me better than I know myself and love me more than I could ever attempt to love you.

You are so amazing.

I do not need a man to make me happy.
I do not need the American Dream, the perfect career, a lot of friends, nice clothes, a beautiful home, a beautiful marriage, having kids, or anything else that I used to put so much of my thoughts and heart into.
I idolized them and made these ideas, things, and people my passions
and loved them more than I loved you.
I spent more time thinking about them, putting effort into them, loving them, and hoping for them more than I ever gave you.
I need to give you all that time, effort and love you deserve. 
No one or thing deserves that kind of love, effort, and time more than you.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life
and I hope that you will forgive me now for all the wrongs I have done against you in the past and all the wrongs I may do against you in the future.

I want to thank you for the immense amount of love you give me, no matter what.
I realize you are the only one I can find true happiness and joy in.
You are the only one that can comfort my heart and heal my soul.
You complete me.
You define me.
I am in love with you.
And I can’t wait until I see you in Heaven and spend the rest of eternity with you.

With my whole heart and love,

Sincerely, Me