Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christians Are HYPOCRITES!

Have you ever said one of these phrases, or heard someone say it?:

“I could never be a Christian because of my past and all the bad things I’ve done. I’m not welcome in church. I don’t fit in.”

“I never want to be a Christian or go to church. It’s full of hypocrites!”

One of them is false, and one of them is true......Can you guess which one is TRUE?

The second one.

I'm a Christian and I agree; Christians ARE a bunch of hypocrites. Every single one of us...

...And so are you! So you'll fit right in.

In case you didn't know, we’re all human -- and we’re all sinners. Christians are not perfect, not even close.

Christianity isn’t meant for those who think they’re perfect, for even Jesus said in Mark 2:17, “It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to save the righteous, but the sinners.” It’s not people who think their life is perfect who need a savior… it’s those who know they’re broken, who struggle, who need guidance, peace, joy, and love – despite their inconsistencies, flaws, and wicked past.

That’s why Jesus also says in Matthew 19:24: “It’s easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” He isn’t saying that if you are wealthy, it’s impossible enter the gates of Heaven. Instead, Jesus is saying that only through God is anything possible and those who are rich tend to believe their temporary treasures and wealth is all they need. That's why it's hard for a rich man to have eternal life, "For where your treasure it, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). And again in Matthew 6:24, "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."

So yes, Christians are a bunch of sinful, hypocritical humans (just like every other human created). But the difference is that we understand that we need a savior. We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who came to earth to serve (not to be served) who died on the cross as an ultimate sacrifice for our sins (past, present, and future). We have put our faith in him, given our struggles and sins to Him, and attempt to live a perfect life as Jesus did (even knowing we will constantly fail and fall back into sin). God knows this too, and loves us anyway.

Can I get an HALLELUJAH!?

On a side note, you must also know that there are two different "types" of Christians:

  • Fans of Jesus: Those who know all about Jesus and try to act like a Christian (externally) – a.k.a. “so-called-Christians.”
  • Followers of Jesus: Those who KNOW Jesus personally through a spiritual relationship with Him and have a transformed heart – which, by the way, is what Jesus really calls salvation.

There will be so-called-Christians who think all they need to do to be “saved” and have eternal life is go to church on Sunday mornings and say they believe Jesus is who He says He is (Jesus responds to this idea in Matthew 7:21-23 and James 2:19). But then they will continue carrying on with their lives with non-transformed hearts and constantly live in a way that does not glorify God. These so-called-Christians think they can do whatever they want (drugs, drunkenness, crime, sexual immorality, etc) and then they’ll be “good to go” as soon as they ask for forgiveness… and then they’ll just do it all over again. 

That’s not a transformed heart, and that’s not a true Christian – a follower of Jesus.

This is why there are MORE “so-called-Christians” in America than true followers of Jesus. 

Many assume they’re Christians because they were born in the South, their parents took them to church when they were a kid, they were baptized when they were 6 years old, they said they were a Christian to someone, they slapped a fish bumper sticker on their car, they said a prayer at dinner, or even go to church every Sunday. 

….None of these make you a Christian. 


Because none of them cause a transformed heart or salvation….only a relationship with God and faith in Jesus Christ can. Only God can save you, but He can meet you where you are at RIGHT NOW. You cannot save yourself by works, but by faith alone in Jesus Christ and a relationship with God.

Questions? Ask me.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Science VERSUS Religion?

Why do people compare science over religion, as if it clashed with one another? Is it really science VERSUS religion? 

What about science HELPING prove religion? 

Science helps PROVE the existence of God by discovering and explaining the complexity (and incredible intelligence) behind every organism and matter on Earth. Through every object, element, or living thing on this planet or in space, science helps us to understand the creations of God and how magnificent His power truly is.

How can you doubt the existence of God? Here's my point:

Example 1: When people question the creation of the universe and earth by God in “7 Days,” their minds are proving the ignorance and limitations of the human brain compared to God's mind -- we can be so ignorant and narrow sighted. HUMANS can not think in the way that GOD thinks, because WE ARE NOT GOD. In fact, we would be terrible gods if given the opportunity. (Isaiah 55:8-9: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.") I believe humans are not meant to know every single thing about God, and will not know until we are revealed everything when we die and meet God face to face. 

But even though the Bible does not go into full detail of God’s creation (due to His decreed will), there is also a so-called "theory" into this commonly questioned and criticized belief. The Bible does say that time is in God's hands, and time is "like a passing wind" -- a.k.a. THOUSANDS of years could seem like ONE DAY to Him (which makes sense, considering that when you live in eternity, one day would pass quicker than the blink of an eye). With this in mind, what if God DID make the universe in only 7 days? Scientists show that there are proven articles of matter, rocks, and so forth that are most definitely hundreds of thousands, even millions, of years old.

That which is true... but considering the way God views time, think about this:

According to Genesis 1, God could have created the universe and galaxies, the Heavens and the Earth in "Day 1." Millions of years later (on "Day 2"), God created “sky, light and darkness.” Many years later, on Day 3....etc. (the pattern continues until he reaches Day 7). Day 5 is when God created birds and sea creatures, known to be the oldest living creatures (extinct or not) that ever lived on this earth. Then many years later came land animals and humans. That would be 7 Days TOTAL of His creation -- and remember, that's 7 Days according to GOD'S TIMING. 

Example 2: People also like to argue exactly HOW the universe was created (as if they were the most intelligent being on this earth to begin with), and many refer creation to the Big Bang Theory. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense --- how could every complex and intelligent being on this earth possibly be created from an explosion? BUT then again, just because it sounds ridiculous to my limited human mind, I'm not ruling it out completely....

What if God DID create the universe using that method? (But not as "an accident," as many scientists believe the creation of the universe was). God is full of scientific knowledge (I mean.. He created it, and created humans -- in His image -- and gave us brain power to learn about His intelligence, a little at a time). As mentioned in the website reference below, God gave humans and scientists the brain power and intelligent capabilities to help discover His creations and magnificent power (a little at a time), so that they may tell the world about their findings -- hence, helping to bring us closer to God. 

Since many scientists have come up with theories (believable or not) of how Earth and the universe was created, discovered ancient and extinct organisms and particles, and even discovered new species and mechanisms of the sea and universe, science should be viewed as an attempt to prove the existence of God, not go against it. 

We need science to help us realize that there is SO MUCH MORE out there that we don't know about yet, will never know, or will never begin to understand. The complexity of every living thing of this Earth, and every discovery about the universe itself proves that it could not have happened on accident. It requires a higher intelligence and deity to create such things.  

This is something i think all Christians and non-Christians should think about. Pass this on (including the website) to any of your friends!

Go to this Website: Seven Days of Creation (he has some really good insight on this!)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Confessions Of A Speed-Aholic

The "Need For Speed" ran through my veins, like a daily adrenaline rush. I needed it just like my morning cup of coffee. Speeding made it exciting to drive. I felt like a smooth, controlled racecar driver, just "cruising" in the left lane at an average of 75 miles per hour. I believed I was invulnerable to any driving mistakes, completely aware of my surroundings, and considered myself the "Queen of the Road."

Much like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, I had the mentality of the quote,"If you're not first, you're last."

I can't even remember a time I went less than 5 miles over the speed limit -- unless there was heavy traffic or before approaching a well-known speed trap. Road signs that said "left lane for passing only" meant that I would need to stay in the left lane because I would always be passing other drivers on the road. It was pretty rare if I got passed by a faster driver...

I never took traffic laws seriously and justified my speeding by the fact that "everyone else does it." But even though going over the speed limit does seem to be one of the most common violations that people break (even law-abiders), it doesn't make it "okay." But I did it anyway.

HERE'S THE REAL SHOCKER: I've been pulled over 4 times for speeding, but have NEVER received a speeding ticket in my home state (Texas) and only received a "verbal" warning each time. I've only received one speeding ticket ever, but it was in Oklahoma during a road trip (thankfully, it doesn't show up on my record in Texas -- so technically I have a perfect record!).

What?! How? (I can assume this is your reaction).

I'm only 24, but most people seem to get at least one ticket by the time they're 18. They say you can't talk yourself out of ticket, but you can talk yourself into one. Although this is probably true, from my personal experience, I have yet to get a ticket for the times I have been pulled over for speeding -- plus, each time I was going at least 20 miles over the speed limit and I only got a verbal warning.

Trust me, I'm not a lucky person.

I give all the credit to the grace of God. I deserved those tickets, without a doubt. Each time I got pulled over, I always said to myself, "Here it comes... I deserve it." But somehow, I still didn't get a ticket.

You probably still want to know what I did or said (besides the grace of God) that got me out of those tickets. Am I right?

Ultimately, I want to tell you how speeding affected my life and how the Holy Spirit worked through me to convict me. But first, I'll go ahead and tell you what I did. Disclaimer: don't count on these things to get you out of a ticket! Like I said, I can only give credit to God for giving me grace and a second-chance that I did not deserve. I don't deserve any of the forgiveness and indefinite number of second-chances that God has given me through His son, Jesus Christ. Although I don't deserve His unfailing grace in my life, I am so thankful for it and amazed by the love of God!

So, here's what I did:

  • Put on my hazard lights after stopping on the side of the road. 
  • Had my driver's license and insurance papers ready. Windows rolled down before the officer got to the car.
  • Took off my sunglasses. Made eye contact with officer.
  • NO EXCUSES. Period. Like I said, you can't talk yourself out of a ticket, but you can talk yourself into one. It doesn't matter if there actually is a legitimate excuse. They hear excuses all day and despise them. Any excuse will probably talk yourself into a ticket, even if it's a good one.
  • Said "yes sir" and "no sir" often to show complete respect. Give them the feeling of authority, because they do in fact have the authority to give you a ticket. 
  • Be honest. If you know you were speeding and they ask, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" then say, "Yes, sir. I was speeding." And if they ask how fast you were going and you do know (even if it's a general speed, like 80), then say so. Don't lie! If you don't know how fast you were going, just say "I have no excuses, sir, and should've been paying attention to how fast I was going." THAT'S IT! Even if there is an excuse, say you have no excuses.
  • Be kind, respectable, and have a good attitude. Expect to get a ticket and believe you deserve it, feeling regret for your mistake. A bad attitude speaks louder than words. 
  • Don't cry or freak out! Keep calm and collected. This goes hand in hand with being respectable, having a good attitude, and feeling deserving of a ticket. If you freak out, they will think you have something to hide, or they might think you're on drugs -- and you may find yourself standing outside while they search your car for potential drugs. 

Like I said, doing these things will not guarantee you out of a ticket.... but it might help in the process.

For example, the only ticket I've ever gotten (traveling in Oklahoma), I was going 85 mph in a 60. The officer still gave me the ticket, but when issuing it to me, he said I was "the nicest person he has ever given a ticket to." (I thought to myself, "But... but... you're still giving me the ticket?"). Yep, he sure did. How I benefitted from being kind and respectable is that the officer took 10 mph off of my ticket (showing that I was only going 75 in a 60) so I wouldn't have to pay as much for the ticket and the penalty would be less. Works for me! As you can see, being honest and respectable doesn't guarantee you out of a ticket, but it might benefit you in some way. 

But even after getting my first speeding ticket, it didn't stop me from speeding thereafter. 

Speeding was natural for me. I wanted to get to where I was going -- as quick as possible. Even when I wasn't in a rush to get somewhere, I was still in a rush on the road. I think we've all been there, done that, at least a once in our lives.

Our culture is all about everything being convenient, fast, and on-the-go. It's why most revenue at fast food chains is from the drive-thru, instead of people going inside to order. It's why we have instant meals, fast food, convenient stores, and even "quick" weight loss pills. 

We want things now and we are impatient...and that's how I was on the road every single day. 

"Ain't nobody got time for that" is right -- I don't have patience for a slow driver in the left lane, who was keeping me from going at least 10 over the speed limit. I don't have time to let that driver cut in front of me because they might slow me down. I don't have time to be patient. I just don't have time. It's all about me. And we're all selfish people, especially on the road, and only care about our own needs and our own agendas. 

We might even break more traffic violations occasionally to meet our selfish desires. We may get in the HOV lane (without 2+ people in our car) just to get through the traffic quicker. We may have a rolling stop at a stop sign, because why waste 3-4 seconds sitting still when there's nobody around? We may weave through traffic because we feel like we're getting to our destination quicker, even knowing statistically it's not actually helping us get there any faster.

We get mad at the person going slow in front of us who won't get over, and think very belittling thoughts or words towards them. We see other cars as objects and barriers in our way, instead of human beings driving those cars with families and loved ones. As soon as we get into our cars, we don't care about other people besides ourselves. Even good people can be bad people on the road.

Over time, I have realized how my consistent sin on the road has been poisoning my life.

As soon as I get behind the wheel, sin overcomes my thoughts and behaviors. Everyone else on the road is annoying or a horrible driver. Everyone else on the road is in my way. I break the law constantly by speeding. I get pissed when a slow driver is in front of me and think, "Can't you go any faster, you stupid driver?!" I get pissed when a faster car is tailing behind me and think, "I'm going fast enough, you jerk! How much faster can I possibly go for you?!" 

Cuss words and very demeaning thoughts towards other drivers would result from road rage, stress, and anger. I'm sure my blood pressure and heart rate levels shot out the roof during heavy traffic. Sin, especially non-repentive sin, poisoned me completely and even affected my life outside of driving. It affected my relationship with others, but especially my relationship with God -- the most important, fulfilling, transforming, and incomparable relationship you can ever have in your life. 

The grace of God has covered me, even in the midst of my sin while driving. He has protected me from getting into multiple wrecks, has graciously waved multiple speeding tickets, and most importantly, has forgiven me for all of my deepest, darkest sins. Even the sins I think are inexcusable. 

It wasn't until one day as I was speeding on my way to work (of course) that God really convicted me of this ongoing issue and revealed to me that I needed to stop... immediately. I was pulled over by a State Trooper for going 83 in a 60 speed zone in downtown Dallas. It was at 6:35am. I was running just a little behind to work (I had a 6:30am - 3:30pm shift in downtown Dallas), but it wasn't a reason to speed. As I mentioned before, I sped regardless of if I was in a rush or not. But I was pulled over right before my exit to work. I said to myself, "Here it comes. I deserve a ticket," but especially felt regret when the trooper when to the front of my car and checked the license plate (it's required in Texas to have a front license plate, but instead I had a fake license plate that said "Aggies" on it -- double busted.) "Great, that's two tickets I'm getting today," I thought. 

I did all those things I listed earlier (being respectful, honest, and what not), but believe it or not, the trooper decided not to give me the ticket. He saw that I had a "perfect record" (in Texas, at least), so maybe he assumed that was the first time I had ever gone over the speed limit (he asked earlier what time I needed to be at work, and the clock showed that I was running late). 

I got lucky, once again.

After I left the scene without a ticket, I praised God. I did not understand why God allowed me to get away with it, because I totally deserved it. Of course I didn't want a ticket, but I did deserve one. 

At that moment, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit consume me inside and reveal to me that I needed to stop speeding.... immediately. I wasn't exactly sure why I felt so convicted and changed about speeding and getting away without a ticket that particular time, but I knew it was for a good reason. Maybe God was trying to tell me that the next time I got pulled over, I WOULD be getting a hefty ticket (maybe two, including the illegal license plate violation). Maybe God was trying to tell me to slow down and go the speed limit for my safety. Through the words of the trooper that morning, "Driving that fast is very dangerous, especially in this traffic." Maybe continuing to speed would be putting myself in a very dangerous driving situation down the road that might lead to a serious, or even deadly wreck. God was trying to protect me, but if I continued to be a little "Speed Demon" on the road, I would be asking for trouble.

Sometimes it takes a person multiple "pain points" in their lives to change their hearts. Some need more "eye openers" than others. 

God was trying to reveal something to me, and getting pulled over from the State Trooper became my "eye opening" experience. I was truly changed from that point on. Even though I didn't receive a speeding ticket, I FELT like I had. I FELT like I had just been issued twenty traffic violations, totaling $1000, and my insurance rates skyrocketed. That's what you call a major conviction. 

Ever since that day, I have been driving the speed limit. Doing this was hard at first, but after awhile, I started to get used to it and actually came to ENJOY it. Driving became less stressful for me. My road rage and anger slowly but surely started to decrease each day. I started to be in a much better mood the rest of the day (both at work and at home) after commuting in traffic. 

"The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart." 

I knew my old driving habits were sinful and wrong. But I never realized how much it was negatively affecting my life until that day I was pulled over by the State Trooper. I was so convicted of my speeding, and yet also relieved by the incomparable grace of God. I was so glad God revealed the weight of this issue on the life and gave me the desire to quit speeding.

God continues to reveal sin to me and how it is negatively affecting my life. The problem of my heart was anger, selfishness, apathy, and wickedness. Once I got down to the heart of the problem, I can now trust the Holy Spirit to help me uproot all of those sins that came from speeding and put them to death. I am currently in the process of mortification and sanctification. I strive everyday to live a life that is more pleasing to the Lord.  

As a former speed-aholic, I now have more sympathy and care for other drivers on the road -- viewing them as human beings and remembering that God loves them too. I no longer see other drivers as objects or barriers in my way, but I can't hide from the fact that there truly are ignorant drivers out there!

I didn't think going the speed limit could really change my life in a significant way, but it surprisingly has. I feel more laid back and less stressed. I can now see that going the speed limit is a win-win-win situation (even though I felt like I was winning before when I was speeding).

Win-Win-Win Situation: Driving the speed limit saves me money (keeps my insurance rates down, don't have to pay for traffic violations, better on gas mileage, less likely to get in a wreck from driving safely-- hence less repair/damage costs). Driving the speed limit is better for my health (less likely to get injured -- or worse -- in a wreck by driving safely, less stress on heart rate and blood pressure levels, better for my mood). And lastly, driving the speed limit helps eliminate some symptoms of the roots of my sin (anger, apathy, hatred, law-breaking, cursing) and helps me to go through the process of mortification and sanctification.

What's also exciting is that for the first time, I feel comfortable putting a Christian bumper sticker (maybe the fish?) on my car! I refused to do this before I changed driving habits -- because I knew I would be driving like a maniac on a mission. 

Not everyone has had the same issues as me, and not everyone has the same problem of the heart.

Ask God to reveal to you what the problems of your heart is and the sin that is poisoning your life, and allow Him to dig up those roots (whether it's bitterness, anger, jealousy, malice, greed, pride, selfishness, abuse, addiction, etc.). Ask God to forgive you of these sins and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in a path that is pleasing to the Lord. Ask God to put these sins to death so you can experience freedom within Jesus Christ.  

Everyone has a different journey and a different story. 

Will your journey lead to everlasting life through Jesus Christ? 
Will your story be about the time you were saved by the grace of God and experienced LIFE for the first time? 

It's time to ask God to reveal that to you, today. 
He is waiting for you to call on Him.
Surrender your life to Him and experience true joy, peace, hope, and love through Jesus Christ. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

God Is Not A Genie Or A Magic 8 Ball

God is not a genie or a Magic 8 Ball. 

He does not grant all of your wishes and desires, and he does not always give you an answer when you want it.

But of course you knew that.... we can't control God.

So why do we still find ourselves viewing Him this way?
Why do we find ourselves expecting such things from Him?

More times than not, there's an underlying reason we find ourselves doing this often: we don't KNOW Him, don't have a personal relationship with Him, and we don't understand who He really is. Without these things, it is difficult to know the difference between God's will and our will.

But even if you do have a relationship with God, knowing God's will for our lives is still hard to understand. We will never be able to fully know God, but if we love Him, we will have the strong desire to know Him more and get closer to Him each day.

Without realizing it, even those who have a relationship with God and love Him may still find themselves trying to discover His will for their lives by viewing Him as a genie, a Magic 8 Ball, or by "testing" Him:

"God, if you want me to do this, show me a sign."
"God, if you want me to be with him, have this happen."
"God, if you want me to take that job, please let it be $5,000 more than I make now."

Then, we want Him to answer immediately:

"God, if this is your will, please let me know within the next two weeks."

Or we assume every opportunity or open door is what God wants for us:

"God wouldn't have opened this door to me if he didn't want me there."
"It's a sign from God that this is what I need to do."
"I prayed for a door to be opened, and since this one was opened, I must take it."
"I prayed for a sign, and I think this is the sign."

All of these are wrong (yet common) mistakes that Christians make when trying to discover God's will for their lives. We also misinterpret the popular verse Romans 8:28, "All things work together for the good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose."

We misinterpret this verse in two ways:

  1. We ignore the word "love" in this passage. Many believe in God, but do not love him. But you can't really love anyone (especially God) if you don't KNOW them or have a personal relationship with them. So the passage could be read, "All things work together for the good for those who know God personally and love him for who He is, not for what He can do for you." 
  2. We also wrongly associate the word "good" with comfort and happiness. God does not call us to be successful; He calls us to be faithful. God does not call us to be comfortable; He calls us to trust and serve Him in all circumstances. God does not call us to be happy; He calls us to be joyful (there's a difference).
    • Joy and happiness are different. They might be grouped in the same category, but they are not the same thing. God calls us to be joyful in all circumstances --that means good and bad circumstances. 
    • We have JOY because of the love of Jesus Christ, the hope of our everlasting future in Heaven when Jesus returns, the grace that washes away every sin we've ever committed, the trust and knowledge we have that God is in control of everything and has a purpose for everything, and the peace we experience when we are in God's presence. 
    • Be joyful in all circumstances and always keep your heart and mind on God. 

We should also remember to never test God, for it says in Luke 4:12, Deuteronomy 6:16, and Matthew 4:7 "Do not test the Lord your God." Testing God is asking for a "sign" or saying to Him, "if this, then that."

"God, if you will do this, then I will do that."

A big problem with testing God and expecting an immediate answer is that we want him to answer according to our desires and wants. We don't really want to hear an answer that goes against what we want. It's like we're trying to control God by saying, "Tell me Your will! But let it be what I want." It also shows that we do not trust Him to provide for us or lead us the way. 

But before we spend so much time trying to figure out what God's will is for our lives, we must think deeper into what we're asking of God...

We say we want to know God's will for our lives and "will do anything" to know what it is ---but would we really do anything?

What if God wanted you to quit your job and move your family to China to be missionaries?
What if He wanted you to leave your dream of obtaining an Engineering degree and go to seminary school to be a youth pastor? 
What if He wanted you to quit your 6-figure corporate job and work for a non-profit organization that helped the homeless? 
What if He wanted you to use up all of your vacation time and instead of going to the Bahamas, use those 2-3 weeks to go on a mission trip to Chile? 
What if He wanted you to sell your two-story house, move into a small home, and use that money to help those in need? 
What if He wanted you to quit going to the bars on the weekend to drink and socialize, and instead go there to share the gospel?
What if He wanted you to quit your full-time dream job and be a stay-at-home mom?
What if He wanted you to discontinue long-time friendships with people who pull you away from God?

Would you still do it if you knew it was God's will for your life?

If God asked us to give up something big in our lives or get out of our "comfort zone," many of us would probably hesitate to follow God's will. Following God's will isn't as easy as it seems. We see this throughout the Bible. God promised the Israelites to lead them to the Promise Land if they "Loved the Lord your God and followed His commandments." Yet even knowing this, they still disobeyed God, became faithless, became impatient in God's timing, and didn't like to get out of their "comfort zones," ---much like you and I. They complained and grumbled the whole way out of Egypt.
  • We cannot love God unless we KNOW Him and have a personal relationship with Him.
  • We cannot have a personal relationship with Him unless we are in consistent prayer and meditation on His Word daily.
  • We cannot know the difference between God's will and our will for our lives unless we have all of the above.
  • And we will not want to carry out God's will for our lives if we do not truly love and submit to Him.

In A Nutshell:
  • God is not a Genie -- He does not grant all of our wishes and desires. He knows what is best for us, knows us better than we know ourselves, and can see far into the future. HIS kingdom come, HIS will be done, not yours.
  • God is not a Magic 8 Ball -- He does not always give you a clear or immediate answer when you want it. Trust in God's timing instead of trying to force an answer (right or wrong) according to your schedule. Wait on the Lord. His timing is perfect.
  • You can write out all of your life plans on paper, but God has the eraser. He is the one in control. Learn to trust in Him and His will, and focus on living your life to glorify God. Stop wasting time trying to control the steering wheel to your life, because ultimately God's will WILL prevail. 

Love God for who He is, 
not what He can do for you.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Read Bible in Chronological Order

Whether you want to read the Bible in 1 day, 3 months, or 1 year, there are many different ways you can read it. The most popular ways to read the Bible are: chronological order, first page to last page, or just reading verses here and there.

But reading the Bible in chronological order gives you a better understanding of when the events took place and how the Bible's timeline matches up with its books, chapters, and verses.

Here are a couple links to reading the 
Bible in chronological order:

1 day (24 hours): download this "one year" guide and start reading now! -- I would start in the early morning --

3 months (61 days):

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love Letter to God.

Most of us either enjoy receiving love letters 
or have personally given a few love letters 
to those we truly care about.

But have you given a love letter to God, recently?
Have you told him how much you love him?
God has many love letters to you written all throughout the Bible 
and they are always available for you to read, 24/7/365.
Every word in His love letter to you will always remain 
true and faithful. Just open the Bible and see for yourself.

If you aren't sure what to say to God, think about these words and really meditate on them. When you are ready, say them to God...but say them truly from your heart. 

If you are single, lonely, feeling depressed, neglected or forgotten, this should be your daily prayer to God. This love letter to God will be a very important reminder to those who are feeling hurt, unloved, or worried about marriage and their future.

Love Letter to God


Heavenly Father….

Creator of the universe and of my life….

You are GOD….

You are so perfect.
You are the perfect one for me.
You are perfect towards me.
You are the only one I truly need.

Why should I stress and worry about when or who I will marry one day?
Why do I depend so much on those I love on this earth and put the key to my happiness in their pocket?
Why do they hurt me so much with the smallest of things?
Why do I put my whole heart, effort and time into them,
knowing they will fail me as imperfect humans do?


I have been told this many times, but I now truly realize that your love has never, ever failed me.
It never has and it never will.
You are the only one that loves me unconditionally, consistently, and perfectly.
You are the only one that I can put my complete trust and faith in,
and know you will always be true to your Word.
You are the only one that can truly protect me, comfort me, heal me, and love me,
without failing.

You always listen to me and never get side-tracked.
You never forget what I tell you.
You truly enjoy hearing me talk to you and desire an intimate relationship with me.
You are always doing things that you know are best for my sake.
You have a wonderful plan for me and are always protecting me.
Even through pain, I know you will always bring something good and joyful out of it.

You want to spend eternity with me.
You want to be involved in every part of my life.
You are passionate about me and deeply in love with me.
You have never let me go.
You don’t need me, but you want me.
You love me just the way I am.
You call me beautiful and wonderfully made.
You designed me this way for a reason.

You are always there for me when I need you and even when I think I don’t need you,
you are there for me anyway.
Even when I reject you, ignore you, fail you, sin against you, rebel against you, get angry at you, and don’t talk to you for days,
you are always there with open arms to forgive me completely as soon as I ask.
No matter what bad things I have done in the past, in the present,
and even knowing all the bad things I will do in the future,
you love me and forgive me anyway.
You sacrificed the greatest gift anyone could give in order to save me
and so I could be forgiven and be with you for eternity when I accepted your gift.
No gifts, things, actions, or words can repay you for what you have done for me.

You sacrificed so much for me, even when I didn’t sacrifice very much for you.
Even when I didn’t deserve that kind of love, you gave it to me.
And I don’t deserve the love you freely offer.
But I thank you for loving me unconditionally.

How could I ever put ANYONE or ANYTHING above you, God?
How could I allow myself to love other people, things, or ideas more than you?

It is proved that you are the most perfect person, my soul mate, the only one I need.
You are more than enough.
You are more than I could ever ask for.
I am so lucky to know and love you.
You know me better than I know myself and love me more than I could ever attempt to love you.

You are so amazing.

I do not need a man to make me happy.
I do not need the American Dream, the perfect career, a lot of friends, nice clothes, a beautiful home, a beautiful marriage, having kids, or anything else that I used to put so much of my thoughts and heart into.
I idolized them and made these ideas, things, and people my passions
and loved them more than I loved you.
I spent more time thinking about them, putting effort into them, loving them, and hoping for them more than I ever gave you.
I need to give you all that time, effort and love you deserve. 
No one or thing deserves that kind of love, effort, and time more than you.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life
and I hope that you will forgive me now for all the wrongs I have done against you in the past and all the wrongs I may do against you in the future.

I want to thank you for the immense amount of love you give me, no matter what.
I realize you are the only one I can find true happiness and joy in.
You are the only one that can comfort my heart and heal my soul.
You complete me.
You define me.
I am in love with you.
And I can’t wait until I see you in Heaven and spend the rest of eternity with you.

With my whole heart and love,

Sincerely, Me