Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Humor in Christianity

If you grew up in church or go to church now, you may notice that most of the portraits of Jesus are either serious, humble, painful, or just plain sad. In fact, these are the kinds of images of Jesus we see more than 90% of the time whether it's in church, on TV, online, or anywhere else.

I'm not saying that Jesus wasn't a serious person. He was humble to his Heavenly Father, prayed very sincerely and whole-heartedly, went through a lot of pain and suffering to save us from sin, and was very serious about God's Will and Purpose for him on this Earth in human flesh. That is why we do see the many serious, sad and painful pictures of him.

But Jesus was also a very joyful and pleasant person! 

Being a Christian isn't about fun and games, but it isn't merely serious and orthodox either. Take advantage of the freedom we have to express our faith in many different ways...including humor!

Looking for some good Christian humor? 
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